John A. Ruthven - "Wings of Freedom"

John A. Ruthven - "Wings of Freedom" -John A. RuthvenThe 20th Century Audubon
John A. Ruthven - "Wings of Freedom"

Among the corporate offices featuring his work are Procter & Gamble, the Cincinnati Bengals, CET-48 PBS Network, John Deere & Company, and the WILDS - International Center for the Preservation of Wild Animals to name a few.

"In 2013 I completed this acrylic painting of "MARTHA - the last Passenger Pigeon" that died at the Cincinnati Zoo in 1914. In studying the life history of the passenger pigeon from writings of John J Audubon, Alexander Wilson and others, they flew in huge numbers sometimes into the billions in one flock.Judging from these descriptions I created my painting to reflect what they said about these birds flying in "corkscrew masses". This scene includes the historic Bird Run at the Cincinnati Zoo. These buildings were the oldest structures of any zoo in America. They are all gone except one that was saved as a memorial to the Passenger Pigeon."
See the memorial at The Cincinnati Zoo!

I was commissioned to create a painting for the U.S.O. The painting depicts an American Bald Eagle and our American Flag. The original acrylic painting is 4' x 4'. Limited edition giclee' prints are available for $500.00 with all proceeds going to U.S.O. Cincinnati. This was a tremendous honor as a WWII Navy Veteran.

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